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Hello 2019!

Hello world.

Able and I have recently taken over the Tyndale from the previous owners Andy and Dan. Andy and Dan were good friends of ours before we moved into the Tyndale, but they decided that they needed a new challenge and we wanted to run a smaller B&B. So here we are.

Yes, you read that correctly. Able and I are used to running a bed and breakfast and that's how we met Andy and Dan ... although there is a longer story that involves Alex Polizzi (The Hotel Inspector) but I'll save that story for a later blog.

This is my first blog for a while actually. I used I run an ongoing blog in my previous job before we ever moved to Torquay, and again when we started our first B&B (but that was with WordPress, and that was far too complicated). So this is third time lucky.

My goal is to try and post at least one blog every two weeks, so fingers crossed for 26 blogs for 2019!

I'll keep you posted!


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