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Reopening Covid-19 Update

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Hello again,

I hope that you are all well and keeping safe in these difficult and unusual times. I thought that it was time to post an update on what will be happening here at the Tyndale with regards to the Covid-19 situation and what’s going to be different from July 4th (which is currently the re-opening date for the hospitality industry).

I’ve wanted to type out something before now but I didn’t want to post something too early in case the Government guidelines changed. Last night we were hoping that Matt Hancock would publically announce a formal reopening date, but alas, it wasn’t made official yet. However, it does seem to be looking more and more likely that July 4th is the re-opening day for accommodation providers across England, so now’s the time.

So, what will a stay at the Tyndale be like?

Hopefully, as close to a ‘normal’ holiday as we can make it while keeping our guests and ourselves as safe as we can. We’ve had to reduce the number of rooms available to ensure that we can keep a 2-metre distance between tables in the breakfast room (even if this is reduced to 1-metre, we will still remain with three rooms only). All four of our rooms are bookable but once three rooms are booked for any given date then we will close out the fourth.

The Tyndale’s air-conditioning units are split systems, with each room having it’s own internal and external unit, so the filtered air is for your room only and not ventilated around the property or to any other room.

Arrivals and Check-ins:

- We will ask for an arrival time. We will try our utmost to ensure that we are ready for your arrival time and open the door for you, however cleaning times will be obviously longer.

- All documentation such as a checking in form will be done online so there are no forms to sign.

- Hand sanitizer is available in an automatic no-touch dispenser in our vestibule.

- Unfortunately, we have needed to remove our communal seating area in the dining room so we can no longer serve tea and coffee for a welcome chat. Tea and coffee is still in the room.

- We will still offer to help with luggage if needed; we will wear disposable gloves when handling your bags and suitcases.

- If two sets of guests arrive at the same time, please could the latter guests please allow us a couple of minutes to check-in the first guests.

Cleaning Protocols:

Able and I have always tried our utmost to ensure that every area of the Tyndale is spotless. Obviously, our ethos towards cleanliness remains as important as ever. We have tried to identify any high contact areas throughout the property and we will be conducting extra cleaning in public areas with sanitizing cleaning products.

In the bedrooms:

- We will be removing cushions and bed runners to reduce potential contact surfaces.

- A small pump bottle of hand sanitizer will be provided in every room. Please keep this and take it away with you on departure.

- Remote controls will be wrapped in film,

- Fabric contact points, such as curtains and seat covers will be steam cleaned during every changeover.

- The cotton hairdryer bag will be removed from the rooms but the hairdryer will remain in the dressing table drawer.

- Leather surfaces will be wiped down with sanitizing products.

- Our bed linen and towels are laundered by a professional laundry company and as such, are washed at very high temperatures.

- The tea/coffee tray in the room will only contain 4x coffee, 2x coffee bags and 4x breakfast teas. This is to reduce the number of items that can be handled. All of our specialist teas and other drinks will be on display in the ground floor (clearly identified and labeled, please take what you need and do not replace any unused items).

- While lightly servicing the rooms (we will wash the cups, restock the drinks and empty the bin), both Able and myself will wear face masks and disposable gloves (which will be disposed of after each separate room).

- The Room Information Folder will be removed and replaced by the same information printed out and stapled together for individual stays

- In the past, we may have moved items either to wipe down a surface or to help us with our cleaning, (for example, we may lift up car keys to wipe a surface and then put them back). Now we will ensure not to move anything.

- Our floral hand wash will be replaced with antibacterial hand wash. All other toiletries will remain unchanged.

- For stays longer than four nights, bed linen will be replaced as normal.

- Fresh milk and water will be replaced daily as normal unless you instruct us otherwise.

- We completely understand if you DO NOT want your room serviced. If you do not want Able and myself to service the room, please leave your do not disturb sign on your door; your rubbish bin tied up outside your door along with any plates/cutlery. You will find replacement bin bags inside the bin.

Dining Facilities:

- At breakfast, Able will take your order as normal but will stand away from the table.

- On your table, there will be tomato ketchup, HP sauce and the usual jams and honey. Please only use what is on your table, if you would like extra you only need to ask.

- After breakfast, every item on the table will be wiped down with sanitizer. All cutlery and plates will be washed in the dishwasher, nothing will be hand washed.

- On the breakfast bar, there will be a sanitizer dispenser. Please apply before taking anything from the breakfast bar.

- The breakfast bar will be the bare minimum individually portioned items, such as cereal boxes, yoghurts and smoothies. Flapjacks and muffins are already individually wrapped. Able will bring milk to the table for cereals and we will also provide juices from the kitchen.

- Condiments such as nectar spread, Marmite and syrup will be in the kitchen and we will provide individual portions if requested.

- We have removed the seating area in the breakfast room to space out the tables to 2 meters apart.

- Both Able and myself will wear a face mask and disposable gloves.

- We have relaxed our rules on eating take away food in the rooms for an evening meal. We will provide cutlery, napkins and plates in the breakfast room if you would like to order in take-away food. We do ask that if it is your last evening, please do not order food with a strong aroma.

Checking out:

- We will ask that keys be dropped off in the drop off dish next to the specialist teas and coffees.

- Upon leaving your room, please could you leave the windows open.

- Any teas and coffee sachets left in the room will be disposed of so you’re welcome to take any unused items with you.

- We will no longer be using a physical card terminal but taking payments via a virtual terminal online, via Stripe, which is fully PCI compliant. We will also accept bank transfers and cash.

- If you can see that some guests are already checking out, please just wait for a moment in your room.

- If you have taken any tourist leaflets from the display, please either dispose of them or take them with you.

We hope that you enjoy your stay at the Tyndale. We understand that aspects of your vacation will be different but The English Riviera is a perfect location to enjoy a UK holiday at the moment. We have the beautiful South West Coastal Path, Dartmoor National Park on our doorstep, over 20 stunning beaches, an array of award winning restaurants (who will be opening too on the 4th July should the date remain unaltered) and a lovely climate.

I hope that’s all right. Anything that I’ve mentioned here may change depending on Government Guidelines but we’ve got our fingers and toes crossed that the announcement made on the 25th June will confirm the date of July 4th. Being totally honest, we’re eager to have guests back in even if it’s just for the chance of getting back to some form of normality.

Take care, keep yourselves safe and if you’ve got any questions, please feel free to call us or pop us an email.

All the best,


Tel: 01803 380888


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